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Perfectly shaped Child Packshot by Hindsgaul®.

The ghost mannequin is specifically developed for three-dimensional presentations of children’s fashion. Great for taking pictures of clothes for websites, magazines and webshops.

The easy-to-use accessories makes the ghost mannequin very versatile: two different lengths of magnetic arms and changeable neck parts.

The packshot can also be used as trouser bar.

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Colour: Light grey

Height: 135 cm
Arm length 1: 53 cm
Arm length 2: 16 cm
Chest: 72 cm
Waist: 62 cm
Hip: 78 cm
Inside leg: 71 cm

Please note that all measurements are approximate.

  • Medium arm piece – good choice for T-shirts
  • Long arm piece – excellent for long-sleeved sweat shirts, jackets ect.
  • Flexible neck part to present hoodies
  • Round 40 cm glass base with double spike support

The arm pieces are connected to the torso with magnets for easy handling and assembly. Due to the strong magnets, we recommend that attention is paid, when attaching the arm pieces.

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