Diva - Hindsgaul Naturalistic Female Mannequin

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Diva – a sophisticated naturalistic female mannequin as created for to be the centre of any store display!

This Hindsgaul mannequin is designed with the unique T-cut which ensures easy assembly and separation of the legs, so the leg is not divided on the thigh - no visible connections when displaying lingerie.

Hindsgaul's naturalistic Diva female mannequin is a cultivated naturalistic series consisting of four positions. Diva is tall, has long legs and high heel height (10 cm) – what more can one possibly ask for to give the right impression!

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Height    190 cm           
Collar    31 cm
Chest 1    95 cm            
Chest 2    77 cm            
Waist    68 cm              
Hip    95 cm                  
Inside leg    90 cm            
Shoe size    39            
Heel height    10 cm      

All dimensions are approximate.     

Delivered with
- makeup
- sandal feet
- round glass base plate with calf spike
- ekcl. wig

Body Colour: California


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